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A message from our Club President Darren Donaldson on 23rd March 2020


Given the Federal Governments announcement last night to increase Social Distancing restrictions and with the very strong message around restricting non essential travel and activities, the club has decided to SUSPEND all official club rides and other activities. This suspension will take place immediately and will remain active until further notice.

I am very sorry that we have had to take this final step (especially after all the measures that we have already put in place) but this is the most appropriate and socially responsible decision at this time.

Although we have suspended all official club rides and activities for the time being, for our current members your insurance remains in place if you choose to continue riding.  But if you do, please do so in line with government advice.

Please stay in touch with each other through messaging groups if appropriate, and please look out for each other. Times are already tough and looks to get a little tougher in the future and the mental health of our members is so important.

When we get through this global pandemic, I assure you that we will rip in again and kick off the club activities again in a big way !!!!!






More info on each activity listed in the calendar can be found further down below.


To ride with Group 1 you need to be an experienced rider (possibly even racing at a high level) and able to maintain a very fast pace with an average of >35km/hour over large distances in excess of 70km+.

To ride with Group 2 you need to have good group riding skills, and be able to maintain an average speed of around 30km/hr for the duration of the ride, which will usually be >60km in distance.  For those working on building their fitness up to this group you can always start with Group 2 and drop back/get swept up by Group 3 later in the ride if your endurance starts to wane.

In Group 3 the pace is usually an average of 27km/hour for the duration of the ride, over distances of >60km.  People will be happy to give tips on riding in a group for those a little newer to this.  If you are not fit enough to complete the entire ride with Group 3 you are free to drop off at any point and as you improve hopefully you can complete more of the ride week to week. 


If we are ever low on Group 3 numbers we will generally combine them with the Group 2 riders for the first part of the ride, but people can drop off when they choose to (for example on Sat at the top of Hamburger Hill, on Sun at the Carbrook intersection).

To ride with this group you need to be able to complete a distance of 40km at a minimum average speed of 20km per hour (and of course be a lady....but you already knew that!)  This will ensure that you can keep up with the group, and that everyone is able to enjoy the ride and stays together.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Ladies Group



Training Rides

Tue Road Training

When:  Tuesdays @ 5am
Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library
What:  3-4 laps of Raby Bay to Cleveland return, training for ITT but usually a group form and they practice pacelining or sprinting.  If you drop off there are usually other riders cruising around so jump on.


Thu Road Training

​When:  Thursdays @ 5am
Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library
What:  3-4 paceline laps of Raby Bay to Cleveland return, increasing in speed by 2km on each lap. 
Group 1:  speeds are 38km, 40km, 42km+
Group 2:  speeds are 34km, 36km, 38km
Group 3:  speeds are 30km, 32km, 34km

Group 2

Group 1

Group 2

Group 1

When:  Tuesday nights @ 6:30pm (warmup) 7-9pm (training)
Where:  Chandler Velodrome - pls bring your Racing Licence
What:  Billy Wright runs the night so for more information send an email to him via  
Track bike hire:  these can be hired from Cycling Queensland.  This has to be organised before the night. Cycling Qld can help you in this area.

Track Training


Monday/Wednesday/Friday Social 

When:  Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5:00am

Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library

What:  30-40km loop through either Wellington Point or Aquatic Paradise or Victoria Point depending on the day, returning to Cleveland for coffee.

Special notes:  Most weeks we will  try to run a Group 2 and Group 3, where the Group 3 riders agree to maintain a cruisier overall speed of ~27km/hr.  Group 2 meanwhile will likely average 30km+/hr.  If we are low on Group 3 numbers on any given Wednesday the minority Group 3 riders are free to sit on the back of Group 2 for as long as they can and drop off whenever they feel the need.

Coffee:  Fish on Fire or Bean on Dean @ Cleveland

Sat Social

When:  Saturdays @ 5:30am
Where: Starting point is Capalaba McDonalds carpark (far corner)
What: Reverse Bay Loop of approx 80km (Capalaba- Birkdale- Thornside- Wello Point- Alex Hills- Sheldon- Redland Bay-past Victoria Point -Thornlands-Cleveland).  Click image to the right to view the route.


Daisy Hill Loop of approx 80km (Infrequently used and quite hilly:  Capalaba - Sheldon - Rochedale - Shailer Park - Cornubia - Cleveland)

Coffee:  Fish on Fire @ Cleveland


Sun Social - perfect for new Members

When:  Sundays @ 5:30am (switching to 6:00am from 5 April 2020 for Autumn/Winter)

Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library

What:  Redlands 'All Points North Coastal Ride' of approx 65km - this is a perfect option for new members to the club, done at an easy pace, with a no drop policy.  Rolling to Wynnum and return you will experience the Wynnum/Manly/Lota foreshores passing Darling Point, Norfolk Point, Mooroondu Point, Aquatic Paradise, Wellington Point, Ormiston Loop, Raby Bay Loop, Cleveland Point to finish at Cleveland. There are a few shorter options towards the end for those just starting out.   

Coffee:  Fish on Fire @ Cleveland



When:  Sundays @ 6:30am
Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library
What: Cornubia Loop (quite hilly) of approx 50km (Cleveland - Mt Cotton- Cornubia - Victoria Point - Cleveland)  Group rides together to Mt Cotton Rd & Bryants Rd intersection before splitting into groups of various speeds.  
Coffee:  Fish on Fire @ Cleveland

Group 2

Group 1

Group 1

Group 2

Group 2

Group 1

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 3


Group 3



Monthly Special Rides

2nd Sat of each month - Sat Ladies Only Social

When:  Saturday @ 6:00am
Where:  Starting point is Cleveland Library
What: Cleveland Wellington Point loop of approx. 30km (with an option to include an aquatic loop for an extra 10km)


Cleveland to Manly return of approx. 45km
Average Speeds:  you need to be able to ride 40km at a minimum average speed of 20km/hour
Coffee:  either Wello or Cleveland

Monthly Specials

When:  every few months 
Where:  Starting point is either Cleveland Library or Capalaba McDonalds carpark (far corner)
What:  Every couple of months the Club will put on a special ride to other locations besides the ones listed above.  For example to Mount Coottha, Stradbroke Island, Sanctuary Cove, Brookfield, Mount Glorious, etc.  Keep an eye on the detail/calendar above, and also on the Events page on the Facebook Closed Member site for more detail
Coffee:  often varies - see event details on Facebook


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


See the Facebook Closed Members site > Events page for more info on the below rides

Difficulty Rating:

04 May 2020

Mount Coottha


Difficulty Rating:

28 June 2020

Cane Fields


Difficulty Rating:

20 September 2020



Difficulty Rating:

25 October 2020

Century Ride


Difficulty Rating:

19 December 2020

Christmas Ride



1st Sat of each month - Beginners MTB

​When:  1st Saturday of each month @ 6:30am
Where: Varies - keep an eye on the Calendar above and the Events page on the Facebook Closed Member site for more detail
What: MTB trails - suitable for beginners
Coffee:  varies
*dependent on ride captain availability


On random Sat's each month (subject to Ride Captain availability)  - Intermediate MTB

​When:  check Facebook Closed Member site for posts
Where: Varies - keep an eye on the Calendar above and the Facebook Closed Member site for more detail
What: MTB trails - suitable for intermediate riders
Coffee:  varies
*dependent on ride captain availability




Group 1 Captain

Group 2 Captains

Group 3 Captain

Andrew Francis

Alan Stewart

Rod Giesemann

James Crawford

Ladies Captains

Kellie Wilmshurst

Suzie Turner

MTB Captains

Bruce Anderson

Lin Green



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Cleveland, Qld, 4163

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