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Annual members of Cycling Australia are rewarded with the following benefits.

For public liability cover

For comprehensive cover

For competitive cyclists



What's your current status?

I am an existing RCMC member wanting to CHECK or RENEW my membership


1.  As of Mar 2019 memberships with Cycling Australia automatically renew each year (unless you opt out).  So you may not need to do anything to renew.  If you want to check your membership status head over to the Cycling Australia website member login page here:  You will simply need to log in using the email address that you registered with Cycling Australia with, when you joined them.   

Help, I've forgotten my email address?  If you have forgotten what email address you might be registered under, drop an email to to ask us to look you up. 

Help, I've forgotten my password?  If you have forgotten your password click the 'I forgot my password' link that appears while logging in.

I am  a brand new member wanting to JOIN and NOT a member of another Club 


1. If so please head to the Getting Started page for what to do.

I am a member of another Club but want to JOIN RCMC  

1.  Simply get in touch with Cycling Australia on (03) 9998 6810 and talk to them about transferring you to the Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club.  They suggest that you transfer clubs prior to renewing your membership.  If you have already renewed your membership, there will be a mid-season transfer fee of $50.

2.  If you are a triathlete/multisport member, please read through the Getting Started page for more detail on the dual memberships and make sure that you satisfy the requirements.

3.  Since you are a brand new member to the Club please click the icon below to fill out the Redlands Cycling and Multisport new member form (so that we know a little bit about you)

4. Get yourself access to the following additional 'Member Only' content*:

5. Then sit back and keep an eye on Facebook and on the 'Activities/Training' menu above for what's happening each week/month.

* To access the Member Only content on the website you will need to sign in with either your Facebook account , Google+ account, or email address, so just click one of those three options that pop up during the process, and then follow the prompts. If you need more detailed assistance with logging in, the following page will help you:  how to log into member content.  RCMC reserve the right to periodically review the member list and remove the access for those individuals who are no longer current Redlands members. 


General Information About

Cycling Australia Membership

Racing Memberships for Cycling Australia/Cycling Queensland (CA/CQ) can now be taken out at any time of the year, so you are no longer limited to a full or half year membership!  You are also able to either pay for your membership monthly or annually.   


CA also offer a 'Race Starter Kit' where you can participate in 2 months of unlimited club racing for those who haven't held a race membership before.  

See their website for more info on the racing licence options:

Upgrades from Non-Racing Membership to Racing - simply get in touch with Cycling Australia on (03) 9998 6810 and talk to them about an upgrade price.  CA take into account the remaining membership of the member, and any other relevant factors.   Contact for more info.


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