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About Us

The Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club is unique in Queensland, first established in 1970, and has been hugely successful.  It is a full Road Cycling/MTB and Multisport Club and therefore provides membership options that are held with either Auscycling (for those only interested in cycling), or provides a Triathlon Australia membership (for those interested in multisport).  


For individuals interested in the multisport side, the Club not only offers programs and training opportunities that are available via other triathlon clubs (at a significantly cheaper cost in most cases), but it goes one step further.  It offers the added benefit of fast tracking your cycling performance by tapping into cycling training, opportunities and skills, that only cycling clubs can offer.  Many triathletes are forced to join both a cycling club and a triathlon club to get the same benefit and pay multiple Club fees in doing so.  At the Redlands Cycling and Multisport club you only pay the one club fee, which currently sits at ~$40. (2023)

The Club caters for beginners, age groupers and elite athletes within cycling and triathlon.  And keep in mind that most of our programs and training sessions are free!  

The Club prides itself on providing a family friendly and supportive environment and also challenging training opportunities that aim to maximise your ability to achieve your cycling and multisport goals.

What's Included in the Membership Fees


  • Membership with AusCycling (including either Personal and/or 3rd Party property damage insurance) 

  • All cycling training rides and social rides 

  • Access to free skills sessions


  • Membership with Triathlon Australia (including Personal insurance) - for Recreational members

  • Membership with Triathlon Australia and Auscycling (including Personal insurance) - for Racing members

  • All cycling training rides and social rides 

  • Access to free skills sessions 

  • All running sessions 

  • Monthly Club brick session (last Saturday of the month)

  • Extra sessions held throughout the season (open water swimming, race simulations etc)

Multisport Additional Fees

  • Swimming pool fees for all swim squads held at Cleveland Aquatic Centre as per the timetable. These fees are quite reasonable and in some cases enable you to bring a friend for free each visit. For up-to-date pricing please contact Cleveland Aquatic Centre directly.

  • Other sessions (outside of the published training schedule) that incur a cost to the club will need to passed onto those who attend the session

*Active Network and other processing fees are not included in these amounts


If you are keen to try out our club, both AusCycling and Triathlon Australia have FREE trial memberships available!  With AusCycling the free four week trial even includes racing (with some restrictions)!  To get yourself started simply follow the prompts below.  After you have your membership you are welcome to join any activity advertised on the website on the Activities/Training or Racing pages (assuming that you have a race licence).   

So without further ado, lets get you started below!  
Are you a member of another Club already?

Have a question?   Feel free to email

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