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Please complete our Member Joining form so that we know a little bit about you!

Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club (RCMC) Membership

Form RCMC 001

Name and Contact Details

Information About You

Blue Card?
First Aid Qualified?
Commissaire Qualified?

Membership Details (eg. with Auscycling / Triathlon Australia)

Have you been a member of another cycling club within the last 2 years?
Membership Chosen (tick all that apply):

You should have received an email from AusCycling with your membership number when you joined.

Emergency Contact Details

In the event of an accident, do you give your consent for all Club Ride Leaders to access your emergency contact details provided in your AusCycling/Triathlon Australia records?

Terms and Conditions:

  • As a Member of RCMC you are expected to contribute a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer work per annum.  This may be in the form of things like pedestrian marshaling, or assisting with processing race participants at cycling events, or delivering food to volunteers, etc.  All rostering and guidance is provided for such activities.

  • Your attendance is also required at the next monthly Club Meeting at which your application will be considered. This is just a introduction to the Club Committee Members, allows you to give a quick introduction of your experiences, and allows you to ask questions of the club.  You are not expected to stay for the whole meeting just the first 15 minutes, although you can stay if you like.


        Committee Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the Month at 6:30pm.   The Location is:

        Redlands RSL
        8 Passage St

       CLEVELAND QLD 4163

I have read the Code Of Conduct and Safety Briefing and agree with all Terms and Conditions?

Only complete this section only if you are under 18:

We Value Your Privacy

The Sporting Club is bound by the Queensland club Industry privacy code and is committed to privacy of your personal information supplied on this form. The club will use the information to provide its facilities and service to you and also plan new and improve existing ones. This includes sending to you club and promotional materials and offers. If you do not wish to receive them please contact the club via

Enquiries can be submitted to
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