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For this you require TWO memberships.  One that's a recreational membership from Cycling Australia, and a second membership with Triathlon Australia. 

Example pricing for Ride Basic (Adult 20+) and Triathlon Aust (Adult 20+) Annual Membership*:   

Cycling QLD $55  +  Triathlon Aust $145  +  Club Fee $40  =  TOTAL ~$240

*for other ages/options see Cycling/Triathlon Australia websites

1. Click  the blue 'RIDE BASIC' banner below which will take you to the Cycling Australia website.

2. On the Cycling Australia website click the RIDE BASIC 'Join Now' option and complete their simple online registration process.  When it prompts you for a State choose 'Cycling Queensland', and choose 'Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club' as your Club.  Note:  the Ride Basic level of insurance is perfectly adequate since the additional membership with Triathlon Australia with provide the extra level of personal insurance.  So there's no point purchasing the Ride Plus option from Cycling Australia.


3.  Next click  the banner below which will take you to the Triathlon Australia website.

4. Click  JOIN on their website and complete their simple online registration process. During that process you will choose what membership type you need.

Recreational Memberships with CA run from the date that you join them and will automatically renew the following year for the annual membership.  If you do not wish to renew your membership at any time, you simply log into your Cycling Australia membership account and terminate it.  Please note you have up to 6 weeks post renewal to opt out at any time. 

Meanwhile, Triathlon Australia memberships run from July 1 for one year and will renew automatically unless cancelled prior via TA.  RCMC apologize for any confusion that the two dates create, but we have no control over the alignment of these two governing bodies.    

5. Then return to this page to complete the final steps below



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