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So what's next!?


1.  IMPORTANT - ensure you've read the Club's Code of Conduct and Ride Safety Briefing documents

2.  We try to keep the Activites/Training and Racing pages on the website as up to date as possible.  But for 'hot off the press' changes to rides (like cancelations, etc) please head over to this Facebook page and click Join:

 3. We also have a Facebook page for buying and selling bike related items.  So if you'd like access to that head over here, and once again click Join:

4.  We also have a Strava Club that you can join here:  

5.  To order kit see our online Shop* in the menu at the top.  (If you need help logging in please see this page for help:  how to log into member content)

* To access the Member Only content on the website you will need to sign in with either your Facebook account , Google+ account, or email address, so just click one of those three options that pop up during the process and then follow the prompts. If you need more detailed assistance with logging in the following page will help you:  how to log into member content.  RCMC reserve the right to periodically review the member list and remove the access for those individuals who are no longer current Redlands members. 

Have a question?   Feel free to email any of these contacts:

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